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Vision Lighting of Boca Raton, FL is uniquely a premier, full service, custom low voltage outdoor lighting company. We design, install, and service outdoor lighting systems for residential, commercial and marine properties.

We focus on giving clients what they want their nighttime outdoor environment to be. Whether it is welcoming family and friends over with a subtly lit pool or enjoying a beautifully illuminated outdoor living space.

Commercial and residential landscape lighting requires unique solutions for outdoor lighting, especially at night. Vision Landscape Lighting can help your property with a variety of needs and limit your liability.

Our Commercial Landscape Lighting Solutions:

Parking lot lighting
Campus lighting
Building lighting
Fountain lighting
Courtyard lighting

Your property can be a dangerous place at night without light. Shadows lurk. Hidden dangers, like branches or a hose, lay across a commonly used path, waiting to trip the unwary traveler. An outdoor landscape lighting installation will transform your property into a warm, inviting, safe, and secure home. All landscape lighting installations include a free estimate and a landscape lighting installation plan.

Landscape Lighting Services:

fountain lighting
Deck & Pool area Lighting
Flag Poles
Tennis Courts
Sport Courts
Basketball Courts
Outdoor Gardens
Motion Lighting

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Residential Lighting
Commercial Lighting
Holiday Lighting
Dock Lighting

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